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This Old Fixer Upper, part 6: Restoring the Antique Douglas Fir Floorboards

When we bought this house last winter, we did it assuming that there was a hardwood floor underneath the carpet. We were right: antique douglas fir planks! But repairing and refinishing them was not easy. We made a few mistakes, and one of them I can honestly say was the biggest mistake we've made yet during our renovation.

This Old Fixer-Upper, part 4: the Bedrooms

The upstairs bedrooms where the first rooms to get the renovation they so badly needed and deserved. 

IKEA Hack: Using IVAR for an Open Wardrobe System

We're so happy with our IVAR open wardrobe system from IKEA, but we had to "hack" it first!

ivar ikea hack wardrobe stain paint cloths hanger

How to install tongue and groove panels on a ceiling

For my This Old Fixer-Upper project, we decided to cover the plaster ceiling with pine tunque-and-groove panels rather than try to scrape off the wallpaper and paint the ceiling. The original plan was to use 4' x 8' sheets of panels that looked like tongue-and-groove boards painted white, but we found the actual stuff at Menards for only a little bit more money per square foot. A pretty good deal I thought. All of the materials cost me a little over $400, including the brad nails, paneling adhesive, polyurathane, etc. 

how to install pine tungue-and-groove boards paneling on ceiling

This Old Fixer Upper, part 3: Garden and Landscaping

With nothing but grass growing in the 1/3-acre yard - and massive amounts of perrenial flowers surrounding the house that we had no idea about until spring - we had a big canvas to do whatever we wanted with. I wanted lots of trees! And a big garden! No, bigger than a garden. A food forest! At least that was the plan.

This Old Fixer-Upper, Part 2: Structural, behind-the-wall stuff.

In this episode of This Old Fixer-Upper, Danny does electrical, HVAC, insulation... and then, tragedy strikes [not really]. All this and more, coming up!

Project This Old Fixer-Upper. Part 1: demolition!

Surprise! We bought a house! Overall I think it's a very very good starter home for a couple like us. It's a fixer upper, however, but it will be a great fixer-upper for first-time fixer upper-ers. 

fixer upper house demolition