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Product Review: Sony NEX-6 + Nikon Nikkor AI-S lenses

Unlike the other camera I tried to adapt to my small collection of old manual focus lenses - a Nikon J1 - this Sony NEX-6 camera body is perfect! With manual focus lenses, it's all about getting the focus just right. If it's not perfect, then it's blurry. And a blurry, out of focus image is trash. Same thing for exposure. Here's why the Sony NEX-6 is the perfect camera body for use with old, manual focus lenses.

sony nex-6 camera body with manual focus Nikon Nikkor AI-S F-series lense

Photoshop Tutorial: Foggy Stage Lights

I set off to create a background image for a website I'm making for a friend who wants to host his pod casts about the band Nine Inch Nails. I came up with a good idea, after finding some inspiration, but I needed to create it myself pixel-by-pixel to get the resolution I needed. What fallowed was an experiment with fog and light effects, and the end result came out pretty good!

Product Review: Nikon J1 with Nikon AI-S manual focus lenses

I bought a Nikon J1 mirror-less camera to use with my old manual focus lenses. This review will focus on the camera's ability to use old manual focus lenses. I'll explain how well the camera body pairs up with lenses, and if they're easy to use with it. Long story short: they're not. And here's why...