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Backpacking, Dispersed Camping along the Redwood Creek, and Horseback Riding in Redwood National Park

In the middle of our epic California coast adventure, my fiance and I decided to try a little backpacking along the Redwood Creek in the Redwood National Park in Northern California - it's the only place in the park where dispersed camping is allowed. We followed that up with an experience I'll truly never forget: horseback riding on the horse trails that go through the heart of the Redwood National Park. Amazing!

redwood creek trail, redwood national park, dispersed camping

10 things no one tells you about learning to ride motorcycles

These are the things that no one ever told me when I was learning to ride my motorcycle, I just had to learn them for myself. But you don't have to!

4x4 Trail Report: Hayden Pass Road, through the 2016 Hayden Pass Fire

This was the last 4x4 trail we drove down during out 3 day excursion through Colorado. And by far the most challenging. But here's the thing with Hayden Pass: last year there was a forest Fire - The Hayden Pass Fire - and the 4x4 road does go through the burn scar. I was really worried that the road would be covered in a thick layer of ash, making it impassible. My only other experience with traversing through a burned out area was during a backpacking hike through Yosemite. The trail was completely destroyed and we lost it because the earth was so scorched and covered in ash.

Hayden Pass 4x4 trail road in Colorado of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range

4x4 Trail Report: Medano Pass

Medano Pass is a "primative" 4x4 road through the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve and one of only two trails that allow you to travel over the Sangre De Cristo mountain range (the other being Hayden Pass which we drove over the next day).

Medano Pass Great Sand Dunes Colorado primative road in a Jeep XJ Cherokee 4x4

4x4 Trail Report: Mount Rosa and Mount Baldy

Colorado or bust! That was my mantra while driving from Eastern Kansas to South Central Colorado - a 10 hour drive - to go off-roading in my new Jeep XJ Cherokee for the first time. Not only had I never been off-roading in the Jeep, I had never been off-roading in Colorado either! So it was about to be a whole new experience for me. However, I promised myself that I wasn't going to attempt any "rock crawling" on this trip due to the lack of skid plates and the true soft belly of the aluminum transfer case. And while I didn't have to break that promise on the Mount Rosa and Mount Baldy trails, I would eventually break it by the end of the trip!

suitpicker.dannix.net - a tool for menswear color and pattern designing

This free, online tool helps you choose the right colors and patterns for you and your wardrobe. Experiment with different color combinations right here online before you go shopping. Test out ideas before trying on the suit at the store. You're the designer now!

How To Rig an Election in Kansas

It all started when a humble statistician from Wichita State University wanted to audit the voter machines in her county to address a statistical annomily that she discovered, suggesting that the voting machines where being sabotage.

Canvassing in Iowa for Bernie Sanders: Takeaways

Bernie was given a 0% chance of winning Iowa when he announced his campaign. But I decided to get into a van headed to Des Moines and see if I could change that. The revolution starts now.

How To Build A Supercomputer

On this day, July 27, 2016, my artile on WikiHow - How To Build a Supercomputer - has reached 200,000 views. In honor of the achievement, I will reproduce the article here on my website so that future generations may read and enjoy this masterfully crafted tail of human ingenuity and technical triumph. 

Yosemite Trip Report, Cathedrial Peaks tailhead to the valley, June 2015

In June 2015, my girlfriend and I and 3 other friends went on a 5 day backpacking trip in the Yosemite National Park. It was an absolutely amazing experience. It was as much of a challengae as I hoped it would be, and we made a lot of mistakes but I don't regret a single thing. Our route completely turned on a dime on top of Cloud's Rest, and we missed the backpacker's shuttle back to our cars. But we survided to tell our story...