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Book Review: Still Life With Woodpecker

This is less of a book review and more of a confession.

I was in a Paris hostel at the end of a fast-paced, somewhat derenged week (it one hell of a vacation) and feeling a little down now that it was coming to an end, when a hostel-hopping Australian started giving me life advice. His first piece of advice was to read Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates by Tom Robins, but first, he said, read his more popular novel Still Life With Woodpecker to make sure I can handle is writing style. 

I think I made a website

Feast your eyes on the new website for Kansas Public Radio! Created by yours truly and built with with Drupal 7. http://www.kansaspublicradio.org

THROW IT AWAY - Website complete!

Graced with my jQuery plugin–jQuery.popBox.js–throwitaway.net is a dazzling display home-brewed HTML5 3D effects, beautiful graphics, and a dark virtualized presense of it's inspiration: Nine Inch Nails. I'll be featured in the third episode of the podcast, so stay tuned!


Just some inspiration pictures found on the web over the last few months...

Mind: blown. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance book review

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is not one of the books where you say "Well, that was a good book.." after finishing it. No, it's the type of book that you hold for a little while after finishing the last page as your mind is racing to comprehend the magnitude of what has just been delivered to it. Followed by flipping through the pages to find a note in the margins or an unread prologue or afterword that could possibly add some explanation. Followed by more thinking.

Introducing: suitpicker.com

A few months ago while thinking about purchasing a new suit, I was looking for some sort of website that would let me mix and match different colors and patterns and see how they would look. There was no website like that. So I decided to build me own! Suitpicker.com helps you find the best color combination to choose that perfect suit you've been looking for. It provides a way to test ideas before trying them out at the store.

Modern Seinfeld Plots From Ya Boy Danny

Not too long ago, a parody Twitter account went viral and had us all laughing. Lately though, it's gotten a little stale. Here are a few Modern Seinfeld plot lines of my own, in 150 chars or less.

The Future of HPC: Advanced Computing Interfaces?

My article on wikiHow, How to Build a Supercomputer must have struck the right chord–it's been read over 50,000 times as of writing this. The hardware part is easy, if you have the cash. The software part, however, requires much more know-how and experience. Many of the tuning tricks–such as turning off IGMP snooping to reduce overhead in the switches, and using an 8x8GB memory configuration (as opposed to 4x16GB) to reduce the latency/bandwidth bottleneck of Piledriver CPUs–are crucial to making the investment worth the money.

How to write your first blog post

Step 1: Start off with something ambiguous.

Beautiful is better than ugly / Explicit is better than implicit / Simple is better than complex / Complex is better than complicated – The Zen of Python

Step 2: Now decide what it is you're writing about.

So you want to learn Python? Here's how...

Sorting Algorithms Proof-of-Concept

This program tests the efficiency of several sorting algorithms, including bubbleSort, insertionSort, mergeSort, quickSort, and selectionSort. It can sort any size of array from size 10 to size 10 million, and in either ascending, descending, or random order. The purpose is to find the time it took to search the array for research purposes.