How to write your first blog post

Step 1: Start off with something ambiguous.

Beautiful is better than ugly / Explicit is better than implicit / Simple is better than complex / Complex is better than complicated – The Zen of Python

Step 2: Now decide what it is you're writing about.

So you want to learn Python? Here's how.

Step 3: Say something contrived and not really helpful at all.

Pythonists and Pythonistas prefer the phrase "syntactical sugar" to better illustrate Python's "batteries included" philosophy–that is–the way in which Python heuristically and dynamically adds beauty and elegance to both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. To learn more, visite

Step 4: End with a bang.


Step 5: Don't forget to mention that this was your first blog post!

Oh yeah, this was my first blog post ever! Woot woot!!