The Reviews are In: Functional Programming in JavaScript "is AWESOME"

From the very beginning, the goal with Functional Programming in JavaScript was to strip the veneer off the language to expose its inner beauty and functional roots, a necessary step in helping the reader to fully understand both the language and the functional programming paradigm. And now that some reviews are coming in, it appears that the goal has been met.

Here are some excerpts from the Amazon reviews for the book:

This is probably the best of the introductory texts on functional programming concepts in JavaScript. Appreciate the author's coverage of __multiple__ functional libraries. Concise and understandable explanations and implementations of category theory, monads, thunks, trampolines, and even a y-combinator with caching.

The example explaining closures made me grasp this staple functional feature more than any I had read before. I "got it", which makes me really appreciate this book and it's author. I've read other explanations, but this one clicked with me. [...] With this explanatory approach I was able to grasp the whole and not just the individual parts. Up to this point, I've always seen functional programming as just a series of techniques without seeing the relations between these techniques and without seeing the full power and possibilities, but now I think I'm beginning to see it more holistically.

This book for me is AWESOME as it delivers more than what you would expect from a book with a title of “Functional Programming in Javascript” as the author not only discusses and teaches how to program in a Functional Programming style using Javascript, but it also teaches how to use Javascript to program in a Object-Oriented style. Therefore no one style is neglected. This book, however, is still faithful to its title as it goes in-depth in terms of learning Functional Programming using the Javascript language.

This book is great. It is the most gentle and most practical introduction to functional programming that I have come across.

They love me! They really really love me!!