My first attempt at time lapse photography: the bloodmoon lunar eclipse

This was a first for me. It's of the lunar eclipse from April 14th and 15th, 2014, a.k.a. the "bloodmoon", so called because the moon turns red from the red light that bends around the earth. It was amazing! the sky was perfectly clear here in Kansas. It was very cold, however, but we had a large camp fire to stay warm next to.

Taken with my Sony NEX-6 with the time laps app, and a 180mm Nikkor ED lens. No rotating tripod, so I had to move it by hand... I wished I could have got in more frames per second (or, more seconds per frame, in this case, it was 1 frame every 30 seconds) and I got started late too so 1 hr off shooting became like 4 seconds of video. I slowed it down with Adobe Premier by 50% so it could actually be seen.