Why You Should Not Use WYSIWYG Website Editors



Oh the humanity!!

I built a perfect, beautiful, wonderful website using the Drupal CMS, Amason S3 and CloudFront for Atipa Technologies. Everything worked flawlessly and looked amazing. After I left the company, they decided to duplicated the work of a real web developer with one of those WYSIWYG website editor (Adobe Muse by the looks of the source code). The result, as you can see, is pitiful. An uninspired child could make a better website than that. For shame... (the URL is www.atipa.com but I don't expect this iteration of the website to be up for very long).

Lets go over some flaws with the website built with the WYSIWYG editor:

  1. The quote form doesn't do anything! Of course not, there's no server code to process it.
  2. That favicon though...
  3. Pretty sure whoever made it was color blind or drunk
  4. Nothing is lined up correctly
  5. The menu is completely inconsistent
  6. I can not...

Alright, that's enough fun for now.