How to rapidly build html5 web applications

This article is an abridged version of the presentation I gave at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, which was the motivation for creating a web app in the first place–one that went on to become

The App

  • SuitPicker
    • Design men's suits by choosing the color/pattern for the coat, shirt, tie, etc.
    • Use HTML5 canvases
    • Use all JavaScript and no server-side programming
    • OOP design for easy extendability

The Planning

  • Make a prototype
  • Determine class structure
  • Use a JS framework/toolkit for OOP?
    • Dojo

The Implementation

  • SuitPicker class creates the Suit.
  • The Suit class creates the Articles of clothing (i.e. shirts, ties, etc)
  • Can have multiple SuitPicker objects for comparing different suit designs
  • Can easy add new suit types in the future:
    • Two piece or three piece suits
    • Single breasted or double breasted
    • Tie, no tie; skinny, wide; man, woman; etc.