Free! Honda CB200 CL200 Owners Manual and Workshop Service Manual free downloads

Don't know why I didn't share this sooner! The Factory Service Manual (FSM) is a MUST!! It's also called the Workshop Service Repair Manual. The owners manual is nice to have too. It's also fun (for lack of better word) to find that the two documents contradict each other on a few things. For example, the owners manual says to tighten the cam chain by putting it in TDC first, while the FSM says to do it while the engine is running. I do as the FSM says.

You'll also want these special tools, listed below. I'm giving away these documents for free and sticking my neck out for ya, you can show your appriciation by using these affiliate links and helping me earn a buck or two from Amazon.

Warning: the Owners Manual is fairly large at 35 MB.